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Tanya is the blonde boss. My grow out is amazing . People always ask me who does my color. My hair is healthy and long. Once you get Harper’s Highlights you will never trust anyone else with your color. 

– Kim

I have been to everyone. But when I met Tanya almost 15 years ago at Vidal Sassoon. I knew I finally found someone who understood what I wanted. She is the best! She put 5 different tones in my hair. She is a true artist !!!

– Maria

Harper’s highlights are not cheap . But they are worth every penny to me. I only have to highlight my hair every 4 to 5 months. My hair is naturally still light. The way Tanya does my highlights people think it is my natural color. It is easy for someone to color your hair and it look colored. The true art is when your hair does not look colored. That is what you get with Tanya. 

– Amy

I have natural hair. I did the big chop. But I wanted Color after the first year. My friend told me about Tanya. At that time she was still the owner of Pangea Salon. I got just what I wanted . My highlights are great. My hair is not dry. My curls are still perfect. I will never trust anyone else with my hair. Even if I have to wait two months to see her. She is worth the wait. 

– Aja

My husband never said anything about my hair color before I went to Tanya. When I came home from the first time seeing Tanya for highlights, my husband was like your hair color looks great! 

– Jane

One thing I will say about Tanya and Harper’s Highlights, she can do anyone’s color . She has the most diverse clientele I have ever seen . If you want amazing Highlights that pop, you go to Tanya.

– Emily

Tanya has been responsible for my beautiful color for almost 10 years now. Thanks to her I constantly enjoy compliments about how great my hair looks. Over the years we’ve experimented with creative colors (magenta panels anyone?) to more natural looks (gorgeous brown and gold highlights) to most recently creative color again. In my line of work I have some wiggle room with my look. Understanding this, Tanya helped me to achieve the perfect balance of fun and professional with peekaboo highlights in five different colors – pink, red, blue, purple and light brown! How? Her placement of the highlights! They work with my hair curly and straight, and depending on how I part my hair, “now you see them, now you don’t”. I’ve had them for months now and I’m still getting compliments as people discover my color :). Thank you, Tanya! Can’t wait for what we do next! You are an artist and I’m proud to be one of your canvases

– Christine

Let just say I fly back to New York from LA to get my highlights done by Tanya. 

– Karen

When ever my highlights are just done,  Tanya and I say “back to natural”. The way God wanted my hair to stay blonde. 

– Lex

I have dark hair. Everyone else would put  red in my hair when they give me highlights. Or make them too light. Tanya was the only person who gave me soft natural caramel highlights. My highlights make my hair sparkle. 

– Sue

Tanya has been relaxing my hair and highlighting my hair for 14 years. My hair is healthy and long. When ever I get my hair cut. Stylist always ask me who does your color it is amazing. My relaxers are always perfect. She knows how to relax your hair to make it still have body. And she takes away those grays that stared showing up. She does it so natural I never get a strong root grow out. 

– Ava

If you have natural hair. Harper’s Highlights is the best. Tanya is honest she will tell you what is best for your hair. When I first came to Tanya. She told me my hair was not ready for color. Someone had messed up my color. Tanya told me I needed a haircut, and treatments. I followed what she said. And I would stop in for Tanya to see my hair. And when Tanya was like my hair is ready for color. She gave me the most beautiful Highlights.

 – Renee

I am a older women with gray hair. Tanya gives me highlights that blend so well with my natural hair. I don’t even see the gray. She puts in so many tones. She is a true artist. I can go months without coloring my hair.

 – Elaine

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